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Geography : East Asia?

Question by ooohh lalala: Geography : East Asia?
1. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A) Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China.
B) Hong Kong possesses no mineral resources.
C) Hong Kong has many persons with entrepreneurial skills who originally came as refugees from Communist China.
D) Before 1997 a significant proportion of China’s foreign trade went through Hong Kong.-
E) As soon as China took over Hong Kong, the economies of both Hong Kong and Shenzhen took off.

2.Which of the following lies just across the former Chinese border from Hong Kong?
A) Macau
B) Canton
C) Chang-Yangzi Delta
D) Pudong
E) Shenzhen

3.Which of the following is not a Special Economic Zone?
A) Pudong
B) Binhai
C) Xiamen
D) Chongqing
E) Zhuhai

4.Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A) The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
B) Taiwan exports personal computers.
C) More than 22 million people live on Taiwan.
D) The Taiwanese cannot keep pace economically with the mainland Chinese.
E) Taiwan is changing its name back to Formosa in 2009.

5.Which of the following statements about Japan is incorrect?
A) Relations with Russia are strained as a result of a longstanding dispute over the Kurile islands closest to Japan
B) Relations with China are difficult because of memories of Japanese (unapologized-for) behavior during World War II
C) The population of Japan is aging, thereby creating labor shortages
D) Japanese tourists, seeing how those in the West live, are now less satisfied with life in Japan
E) Japan has numerous ethnic minorities that create significant internal strife

6.Japan’s recent economic problems are a result of all of the following except:
A) heavy dependence on foreign oil
B) the rise of competing economic powers in East Asia
C) financial mismanagement
D) losses in investments made in other countries
E) three major earthquakes since 1990 that resulted in 200,000 deaths and billions of yen in losses

Best answer:

Answer by Kit
1. E.
2. E.
3. D.
4. D.
5. D.
6. E.

I think these are right.

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One Response to “Geography : East Asia?”

  1. AF says:

    I don’t know about 1-4.

    5) E
    6) E

    5D sounds little odd to me though. Japanese always want to go to overseas to have fun, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t tired of Japan. 5E should be the answer. There are some ethnic minorities, but compared to the US or China, our political conflict is very little.

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