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What is the zip code fro shenzhen, china?

Question by Angel: What is the zip code fro shenzhen, china?
Ebay is makeing me mad and that is where my item is comeing from.
I wish you could tell ebay the zip is 518000!!

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Answer by nickipettis
Zip codes are American.

there may well be some mail routing number for Shenzen,
but it isn’t a zip code.

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  1. tyderian25
    48 mos ago

    China does not use zip codes. Zip is a USA code only.

  2. samhassnn
    48 mos ago
  3. oldytree
    48 mos ago

    The post code of ShenZhen is 518000

  4. ♪♥☺Ntc_girl101☺♥♪
    48 mos ago

    Yup,you’re right, It’s 518000!

  5. Yass
    34 mos, 1 wk ago

    you have to shenzen guandong 518000

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