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Where is the best place to live if working in Shenzhen China?

Question by Jennifer G: Where is the best place to live if working in Shenzhen China?
We are an American family with two children. My husband is looking into a job in Shenzhen. Where is a good place to go to school and live for Americans. Any info is appreciated. We are not certain we even know all the questions we need to be asking. We are from a town of about 16,000 people here in the states. What will life be like there?

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Answer by cooltronix
Shekou is good. Large western community. Even a Wal-Mart. Plus nearby the American School.

Make sure the job pays the school, it’s US$ 12,000 per kid and year.


I strongly, strongly suggest you come for a visit first and then decide if you want to stay. I also suggest you search for some other USAians that work there and can give you advise.

Life in China is very different from the USA and not everybody likes it.

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2 Responses to “Where is the best place to live if working in Shenzhen China?”

  1. 老师 says:

    !6,000? Hmmm, I came from Fort Worth, and still was amazed at the size of Shenzhen. It is a beautiful city! Very beautiful, but also famous for thieves! Not exactly a place I would want to live. I live in Zhongshan and it is much more friendly and nice place to live. Two hours by bus from Shenzhen, and we have 8 million people in the area, but we have our neighborhoods and it is as nice as any place in America. I love it here, no matter where I go the neighbors know me and always say hello, and we have no crime problem for foreigners.

    Knowing many foreigners here, also all arrived in Shenzhen first and promptly lost their wallets and passports to thieves there. Shenzhen seems to be famous for that! I only visited there once, it was beautiful, but even my Chinese friends that live there were constantly concerned about the thieves bothering me. Most other cities don’t seem to have this problem, I think it is the large amount of foreigners coming to China and going there first, making easy targets. Shenzhen is also known for violet crimes.

    I do know several that work in Shenzhen and live in The New Territory in Hong Kong. That makes for a long day going through customs twice a day, and raises a visa issue. But, they have no problem except that their passport is very quickly out of pages?

  2. (C)hinaman ★★(I)n ★★(A)gony says:

    Shenzhen is the 4th richest city in China, after Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

    In Shenzhen, there are many apartment complexes, where you can rent a 2 or 3 bed room apartment at the cost of 2500-5000 Chinese Yuan per month, depending on the location. I suggest you look for a place within 1 hour of your husband’s workplace, which info can only be obtained from his colleagues working here in SZ. Don’t worry. Things like this can be easily arranged by the company.

    Life in SZ is a city life without a car of your own. You will depend on your company car, taxi cabs, and the subway. The bus system is huge, therefore confusing to a person who doesn’t speak Chinese and the subway is new and underdeveloped. Except the inconvenience of riding company cars, everything else is just the same. Big shopping malls everywhere, and everything cheaper. 40 channels on TV and yes, the culture is very different and the crime rate is higher than an American small town. A lot of pickpockets, but not many armed robberies (Guns are banned in China). Don’t go out after dark. The climate is hot. Summer from May to September, the rest of the year is spring season. No winter or fall.

    In terms of schools for American kids, I haven’t heard of any, but your husband’s company may have the info. Even if there is such a school for your kids, I doubt about its quality. Quality of education in Shenzhen is good, but there are not good schools for foreigners who don’t speak Chinese. I suggest you not to bring your kids to China. Bring your umbrellas with you. China is entering the raining season. It has been raining for 2 weeks now in Shenzhen. Email me if I can be of any other help.

    Edit: Yes. There are many Americans living in Shekou, which is a coastal town lying to the south of the city center. If it’s not very far away from your husband’s company, it’s not a bad choice.

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