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China Briefing magazine is a nine years-old publication focusing on legal, tax and operational issues for foreign investors and gives extremely valuable practical advises, keeping aware about China’s new reforms while clarifying old misunderstandings. Subscribe is free of charge, gives the access to all archives while the magazine is available in 6 languages.

China Briefing also publish good series of technical guides and Business Guides. Technical Guide series are the most comprehensive and practical guides to China legal and tax issues available to the foreign investor interested in or researching the complexities of corporate establishment, risk, and compliance issues the international business faces in China.

Written exclusively by the legal, accounting and audit professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates, they are designed for the multinational businessmen to understand the practical implications and requirements of conducting trade and business in and with the Peoples Republic of China. These books are updated on average every 6 months, with several now in their second or third editions.

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Actually set up in 1999, now expanded to India, Russia, and Vietnam. It is a invaluable source of information on Legal and Tax matters.

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