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French Chamber of Commerce (CCIFC)


The French Chamber of Commerce’s main mission is to offer operational assistance services to French firms established in China and the ones willing to do so. Some services offered by the CCIFC are as follows:

Inform and promote our members: Informing members, promoting activities, organizing business networking within the French business community are part of the objectives of the CCIFC in Shenzhen.

Operational business assistance: The CCIFC also propose operational assistance services to business developers to determine Chinese market opportunities: market analysis, investment reports, search of prospective partners, translation services, office rental, etc. This whole experience acquired in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is available since January 2008 to Shenzhen established companies.

Find and adapt competencies: Human resources are an essential issue for Western companies in China, where legal, wage and qualification references evolve very quickly. The CCIFC recruitment consultant for Guangdong province assists managers in their selection of collaborators, by offering its advice and an access to a growing number of resumes, all fields and nationalities. In 2008, more than 300 offers were provided by our services.

A 1200 implantations network: In 2008, the Chamber counted 1200 members in China, half of them were based in China for less than 5 years, and 36 companies composed its Sponsor Committee.

The CCIFC is led by a group of 30 businessmen, elected by their peers, who decide which strategic orientations and actions are to be carried out. On a daily basis, a bicultural team of 40 people put this policy into practice.

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