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Shenzhen Fine Art Institute


Shenzhen Art academy is the specialized artistic creation development facility which the government sponsors, was established in 1987.

Shenzhen Art academy meets the special zone social development need positively, uses the special zone economic development fully the superiority, the careful plan, the design, the construction, construct into a modernized, the multi-purpose fine arts creations, the research, the exchange perfect facility, constructs while the hardware, closely grasps the Contemporary China fine arts development direction.

Getting There

Address Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, No.36, Jinhu Yi Stree, Yinhu Road, Shenzhen, Luohu District
Chinese Address 深圳画院, 深圳市银湖路金湖一街36号
Phone 8241-4497
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

4 replies on “Shenzhen Fine Art Institute”

We are very interested to work with your institude together for example, to give your artist spade to present there works in our gallery in Berlin or to hostess them for a while.
And to send you some of our artists.

Pascual Jordan
Werkstattgalerie Berlin

…some words news to be corrected: I wanted to tell that we would like to give some of your artists space to show their works here in our gallery, and we would have place to host them as our guests.

Best regards
Pascual Jordan
Werkstattgalerie Berlin

It is surprising to hear from the institute of Shenzhen fine arts that two proffesors will visit my home country ,Ethiopia to exchange ideas betweem two worlds. this is a first time see great artists of China

hope it will bring new perispective and development in the histry of fine arts.

It a pleasure to give my comment to Shenzhen Art Institute.

I was one of the luckiest participants in the residency program in this institute.

I just want to give my idea on what more you should expand to this art space is more time of residency duration than a space for work place and to give us lecture of Chinese art history, and freedom of artistic environment.

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