Babu Art Gallery, OCT Loft


Babu Art Co. Ltd is a professional art institution located in the North District of OCT Art Zone. It is committed to the connection and generalization of concept art and contemporary art. So it now consists of “Babu Gallery” and “Babu Space” as an inheritance of the above mentioned orientation. Babu Gallery is concerned with dissemination of contemporary art on shelf.

Babu Space covers a wild range of contemporary fashionable arts like Street culture, design, installation and video, and it has been promoting the international art intercommunication.

场地名称: 巴布畫廊

场地描述: 巴布画廊,设立于华侨城OCT艺术区北区的专业艺术机构,致力于将概念视觉与当代艺术的结合与推广。作为此理念的承续,babu画廊分为babu gallery与babu space两部分, babu gallery侧重于当代架上艺术的推介,而space部分则涵盖了街头文化,设计,装置,影像等当代先锋艺术的诸多方面,并积极促进国际间艺术交流。

Getting There

Address Room208 ,No A3, Industrial Park-East, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District
Chinese Address 巴布畫廊, 深圳市华侨城东部工业区A3栋208室(OCT北区)
Phone 8609 5506
Fax 8609 5829
Metro Station Huaqiao Cheng Station (Overseas Chinese Town) – 华侨城站
Bus NA