Guan Shanyue Art Museum


Guan Shanyue Art Museum is a national art museum named by the artist Guan Shanyue, which officially opened on June 25, 1997. There are totally 9 exhibition halls, including one central exhibition hall. Mr. Guan Shanyue, educator and master of Lingnan School, devoted 813 of his works to Shenzhen.

The Guan Shanyue Art Museum’s collection includes about 1,800 pieces of artworks. They are managed according to academic orientation and research direction. Its collection focuses on the study of Guan Shanyue, 20th century Chinese art and the art characteristics of Lingnan School. Contemporary art focuses on design art, with emphasis on design ink painting collections which link both traditional and modern art, and other types of art collections as well.The organization structure of this museum consists of four parts, which are chief office department of research and collection, department of exhibition and department of promotion and department of planning.

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00, closed Monday.

Getting There

Address 6026, Hongli Road, Futian District
Chinese Address 关山月美术馆, 福田区红荔路6026号
Phone 8306 3086
Fax NA
Metro Station Shaonian Gong Station (Childrens’ Palace) – 少年宫站, exit: B. Then you cross the big road and just to the east of the big park you find the museum. It’s a bit to the north of the civic center, at the bottom of the park with the statue of Deng Xiaopeng on top.
Bus You can also take busses 10, K12, 14, 25, 34, 105, 215, 228, 111, 322, 238, 350, 371 or mini-busses 441, 451, 420, 468, 502, 507.

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