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Tomb of the Young Song Emperor


This is putatively the tomb of the last Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty (d. 1279). There is little doubt that he died in this general area after fleeing from the Mongols who had taken the dynastic capital Hangzhou. Modern knowledge of the tomb dates back to the latter years of the 19th century when the Zhao (Cantonese Chiu) Clan of Hong Kong (Zhao was the Song Imperial surname) researched the tomb and declared it to be in Chiwan near the great Tin Hau Temple Certainly there are folk tales of the Emperor’s demise current in the Chiwan area and very large numbers of people claiming Imperial descent in the district. But the claims remain debatable. The tomb was restored in the early 20th century and subsequently fell into disrepair. It was rediscovered by a military cook during the Cultural Revolution but left alone. The Shenzhen City Government further restored it in the 1980s. It is in the form of a normal Chinese upper class tomb and the focus of much popular devotion.

Getting There

Address Chiwan, Shekou, Nanshan District
Chinese Address 宋少帝陵, 赤湾, 南山区蛇口
Phone NA
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

One reply on “Tomb of the Young Song Emperor”

As already commented about the Chiwan Left Fort and the TianHou Temple, this tomb is lying within the residential area of Chiwan. Go there by metro line 2/Shekou line (Chiwan station) and walk the rest over there to the tomb which should take max. 15 minutes. If you have a map with you or a mobile phone with a map app it should be easy for you to find it. Make sure, if you are really going there to see the above mentioned two places as well, otherwise your trip will last less than 15 minutes which, considering the travel time to there (1 1/2h), is not worth in my opinion.

But if you live in Shenzhen already quite a long time and you haven’t been there you should also see this side of “your” city.

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