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Jiahua Language School offers both English and Mandarin training. Most of the in-house classes are below 10 students in size, and teachers are CELTA or TESOL certified and have backgrounds in business. For corporate clients, teachers can be sent out to companies to train staff. Jiahua Language School also offers oral classes for those who just want to brush up on their oral English skills.

The Mandarin courses are mostly one-on-one or small group classes of no more than 6. On the weekends, Jiahua Language School has joint language events where both English and Mandarin students can practice their new languages together.

Although prices at Jiahua are among the cheapest in Shenzhen, teachers are reported to rotate frequently between schools, which may have influence on the quality of the teaching. Be sure to test out the classes.

Getting There

Address Jiahua Language School, Futian district, on the 31st floor of the Modern International
Chinese Address 深圳市福田区金田路现代国际大厦31楼3106(会展中心地铁站E出口)
Phone 400 688 9558
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

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Hello, i am new in Shenzhen, Shekou district and would to learn mandarin. Can you send me some Information about the Mandarin lessens. For example how much cost a one-on-one lesson and how much cost a lesson in a Group?
Thanks a lot.

I’ll fully admit that I’m biased (I work at Jiahua in the English department), but I have been taking classes at the school at the same time. Friends of mine study at Shenzhen University and as such I’m pretty versed in their material and teaching method.

What Shenzhen University has to offer over Jiahua is (1) a degree and (2) an X visa. If you want a degree, absolutely, spring for Shenzhen University’s Chinese Language Program. Otherwise, know that you’ll be getting the standard university course experience, albeit on a Chinese campus. Classes are large. Speaking time is limited.

As those well versed in TEFL already know, the big advance in language teaching has been the communicative method. Communicative method emphasizes speaking time and small classes. Jiahua’s group classes are capped at a max of four students, and most of the time average around 2-3. That’s the reason the classes are more expensive, as Jiahua isn’t trying to stuff as many students as possible in a class.

In my experience, a good, certified independent private tutor for Mandarin will usually run you around RMB60-70. If you can find a really good private tutor on your own that uses the communicative method, that might be a decent alternative to Jiahua. But University-style courses are simply garbage compared to a good tutor or training center. And as others have mentioned, Jiahua’s Mandarin is quite competitively priced compared to iMandarin and the other training centers.

Agree, Shenzhen University offers very good courses at very competitive prices. They also started to write and publish their own class material, like Beijing Uni — at which I spend 2 semesters.

I wouldn’t study in a private school, and especially not at Jia Hua Madarin, which is over priced, with under-qualified teachers (funnily, Jia Hua, the name of this school, can also mean cheating or lying in Chinese “假话”. I wonder why they picked up such a lousy name for a Mandarin teaching center.

I would definitely check out Shenzhen University. They have 4 semesters, plenty of good teachers (try to get Liu Laoshi), and outstanding textbooks. Jiahua is definitely not the best schools around. It’s surely one of the most expensive, though.

Considering that at the Uni you get high qualified teachers, prices are 1/4 of what you’d pay in private schools, hours are 4 times higher, I’m not sure there’s much to hesitate, Eric.

You’re running a Chinese school in Shenzhen, so your view on this matter might get distorted a little along the way, mate.



Hi Philippe, learning Chinese in schools in Shenzhen it’s about 80/100RMB/h for cheaper schools, but quality is might not be there, like this school. Prices can go up to 400RMB/h at places like New Concept Mandarin!

If you got time, invest places like Shenzhen University, if you take the complete course, the rate per hour is about 35RMB/h, and the teaching in outstanding, far better than what you can get from independent schools.

Jiahua’s teachers are all of high quality, fully certified, and with years of experience behind them. Group classes are 80 an hour, and 150 for VIP. There is no need to pay more than that.

I highly disagree with Mary. Private schools are better. (and I am saying that as a student) I studied at both Universities and private schools for years and the private schools were always much better. Universities teach using Chinese traditional teaching methods that are not as effective.

Could you give me some information about the rates to learn Mandarin.

I al living in Shenzhen ,Futian district.

Thanks a lot.

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