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Free study materials are available to be downloaded by every Chinese learner ( or email at [email protected]

The study materials in my website are related to the courses provided by my Chinese teaching program. If you are interested, please contact me for a free trail class. Thank you.

Courses Information

All classes can be taught in person, or through skype.

1. Beginner: Conversational Chinese/Survival Chinese

For complete beginners to the Chinese language. Training for beginners to use Chinese communicative sentences, and lay a good foundation of the Chinese language. Optionally includes character writing instruction and practice. (Bilingual instruction)

2. Intermediate: Short-term Spoken Chinese (Elementary)

For the students with a preliminary listening and speaking ability and who have mastered simple sentences and at least 800 vocabulary words. This book is mainly for the everyday language, Sentences, Grammar (taught in Chinese)

3. Senior/intermediate: Integrated course (Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking)

Learn many formal and descriptive words including words involving the context of traditional Chinese culture and customs. This helps strengthen the learner’s ability to use special sentences and expressions, while encouraging language learners to reach a new level. (Taught in Chinese)

4. Advanced Level: Chinese Colloquial Idioms

For advanced learner, using special dialogue scenes to help foreign students understand the meaning and usage of Chinese idioms (Taught in Chinese)

5: Characters Course: Reading and Writing Chinese characters in a fun and easy way

Introductions of basic methods of writing and memorizing stories, analyses of the structures of the most common and useful Chinese characters (Bilingual instruction)

6. HSK test preparation course: experienced New HSK Level 1-6 tutoring

Updated practice materials for the new HSK tests for different levels; Experienced and Professional Tutoring and real test Practice (Bilingual instruction)

7. Business Chinese: International Business Chinese Course

For Chinese learners who are working in China. This book builds business and professional vocabulary, including business customs and practices, manners, scheduling, meetings, messages, summary reports, work plans, advertising, hiring staff, corporate culture, as well as the study of writing daily documents and creating formal presentations. Also includes the creation of Chinese style resumes. (Taught in Chinese)


1. Face To Face Group Lesson

Varies on the numbers of students attending classes (Cash Only / Receipt provided)

2. Face To Face Private Lesson

¥120rmb per hour (Cash Only/ Receipt provided)

3. Internet Skype Lesson

$15 USD or same amount in the currency of student’s country through Paypal (Refund functionality in Paypal)

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