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Mandarin Garden Language & Culture Exchange (Shenzhen Center)


Mandarin Garden is the earliest established international Chinese teaching center in Shenzhen and mandarin teacher training organization in Shanghai. We have 9 centers in China (Shanghai 3 centers, Wuyi, Changchun, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Lijiang) and 3 centers in the world (London, Seoul, Sydney). All of which have a very Chinese-feeling environment that allows you to better assimilate Chinese culture.

Mandarin Garden Language & Culture Exchange was established in 2004, Providing students with the most professional study and service, this center has many cultural courses to fully immerse those learning Mandarin in the experience.

What sets us apart from the other schools is the fact that Mandarin Garden is the only school in Shanghai that offers an HSK Certificate, which is the equivalent to the TOEFL examination and also an officially recognized research center for Chinese teachers and an IPA-certified teacher training organization that has sent over 2000 teachers out into the world.

What we offer:

  1. Great experience in HSK preparation
  2. Mandarin Garden can provide you a 6 months to one year student visa
  3. Tailor-made learning plans
  4. Affordable price, great service
  5. Experienced, dedicated, responsible and enthusiastic teachers
  6. Central location with convenient transportation
  7. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  8. One-on-one private courses
  9. Very flexible classes to fit your busy schedule
  10. We can offer “Chinese culture experience”-Tour study programs and Impression of study abroad and travel programs in China for overseas students

Mandarin Garden was founded to provide Efficient Mandarin Study Program, Quality Teaching Service and Overall Control System to oversea companies, expat families and individuals.

Through various Chinese language courses and cultural activities, we would help our foreign students to improve their skills of commercial and daily communication, culture exchange and living practice.

Every learners who come from different countries, own different background and have different learning purpose can achieve their mandarin study target, and also, we will let you know more about Chinese history, culture and customs, in this way, you can make your life and work more comfortable and convenient in China.

We are always ready working for your Chinese language、culture needs and Interests.

Mandarin Garden Language & Culture Exchange

Getting There

English Address 10th Floor, Tower 2, Phoenix Mansion, No.2008 Shennan Road, Futian District
Chinese Address NA
Phone Free Hot line:400-600-2922 or +86-0755-82780705 / +86-0755-82780706
Fax NA
Email [email protected]
China QQ NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

4 replies on “Mandarin Garden Language & Culture Exchange (Shenzhen Center)”

The teaching at Mandarin Garden Language is rather expensive, even though this school is not referenced in any of the Shenzhen guidebooks. I would recommend Shenzhen University, which offers very competitive courses at low prices. Teachers there are also very qualified.

There are many private Mandarin schools in Shenzhen, but I think Mandarin Garden is one of the best.
Aside from having good teachers, the staff is accommodating and care about our needs.
They don’t just look after our schooling, but also after our life outside the class, like fitting us with our own bicycle, showing us around Shenzhen, taking us out on dinner and lunch and giving us tips about life in China. I never knew a school could give us such a level of personal attention! Keep it up, Mandarin Garden! =)

Hello everyone, I am teacher from Mandarin Garden, I like my school and love teaching Chinese and doing Culture exchange with many people.

At Mandarin Garden I learned a lot, and feel really warm. Thanks for all my friends here and colleagues, our goal is let more people know how to speak Chinese so that they can actually discover how nice, devoted, loyal some locals can be, and how awesome the Chinese culture can be.

It is good for foriegners to learn Chinese with a good tutor or school, which is more system, especially for total beginner, good foundation and the first teacher is very important for his future Chinese study.

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