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UP Children


Our objective is to form a developed mind, with a greater capacity to learn, and a body that has the ability of executing a large range of movements.

Through our carefully designed physical exercise routine, infants and toddlers maximize their learning abilities by developing the following 5 essential skills:

  1. Ability to follow instructions
  2. Expanding attention span
  3. Increasing concentration levels
  4. Activating and enhancing memory
  5. Raising IQ potential

Our sessions are held in fun and safe premises and led by highly qualified professionals.


我们充分发掘婴幼儿的学习能力。   我们怎么做到?  我们的目标:让儿童拥有具备强大学习能力的发达头脑和参与各项活动的强健体魄。参加我们精心设计的体能锻炼计划,通过培养以下五项基本技能进而充分发掘婴幼儿的学习能力:

  1. 听从指示的能力
  2. 拓展注意力
  3. 集中精力
  4. 激活增强记忆力
  5.  提升IQ潜能


UP Children

Getting There

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Chinese Address 深圳市福田区,红荔西路,东海城市广场三楼307 A/B/C
Phone +(86)755 83390166/83390266
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