Futian District

Beijing University Hospital Shenzhen


Beijing University Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Shenzhen and if you have any Life-threatening Emergencies be sure to go there.

Hours: 09:00-17:30

RMB 100 for VIP Consultations

RMB 8 for regular Consultations – longer waiting time

Getting There

Address 1120 Lianhua Road, Futian District
Chinese Address 福田区莲花路1120号
Phone ER: (755) 8392-3333 ext 8100 or 8390-9933
VIP Out-Patient Clinic (10th Floor) (755) 8392-3333 ext. 8600
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

2 replies on “Beijing University Hospital Shenzhen”

Hello, I want to recommend people not to get sick during the weekend, worse Sunday, nobody works here on Sunday, and if it’s chifan time (time to eat), you can die and nobody will care.

As most places in China terrible attitude and I would like to have the chance to upload some pictures of the restroom of the VIP area, you’ll cry.

I have to agree. If you really need to see a doctor, go to Hong Kong and visit St. Paul’s. You get quality care at a reasonable price. My experience at Beijing University Hospital Shenzhen has not been good. There are too many patients and not enough caring people to take care of them. This is not to say that everyone there is bad, but the difference in the quality of service and attention to patient’s right is not the same as one might expect from a western hospital.

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