Budget Hotels

Home Inn

Home Inns. Biggest economy hotel chain in China. It features high quality and consistent standard rooms with very reasonable prices. There are several branches in Shenzhen.

  • Home Inn (Dongmen) (如家快捷酒店, 深圳东门店), 2028 Wenjin Middle Road, Luohu District, 罗湖区文锦中路2028号​.
  • Home Inn (Shenzhen Luohu Kou’an) (如家快捷酒店, 深圳罗湖口岸店); 1064 Yanhe Nan Road, Luohu District, 罗湖区沿河南路1064号​​​.
  • Home Inn (Shenzhen Xinzhou) (如家快捷酒店, 深圳新洲店); 315 Shiji Gongyi Pin Jiaoyi Shichang Building, Xinzhou South Road, Futian District, 福田区新洲南路世纪工艺品交易市场315楼.
  • Home Inn (Shenzhen Zhuzilin), 如家快捷酒店, 深圳竹子林店, 福田区竹子林益华大厦.
  • Home Inn (Shen Zhen Bao An Station, 如家快捷酒店, 深圳宝安汽车站店, 宝安25区前进一路海雅百货旁.
  • Home Inn (Shenzhen Guomao), 如家快捷酒店, 深圳国贸店, 罗湖区人民南路2011号.
  • Home Inn (Shenzhen Railway Station), 如家快捷酒店, 深圳火车站店, 罗湖区滨河大道交和平路渔民村小区内.

Note: In Chinese New Year (usually January/February), prices usually double or substantially increase. Unlike other cities, however, the explosive development of hotels in Shenzhen means rooms, while more expensive, will generally still be available even at the busiest times.