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Queen Spa


This spa is a popular tourist destination for massages in Shenzhen in part because it has the notable advantage of having English-speaking staff on duty and identified with clearly visible tags year-round. The entry fee of 98RMB is waived after 168RMB of spa services paid, not including the 10% service charge and tips of 10-30RMB per 45 minutes. Foot/head/leg massage is 56/45RMB min and Chinese massage ¥168/90min. Perks include a swimming pool, a gym, video games, and free ice-cream and juice and fruit. Free WiFi and five-minute Internet terminals are available in the shared area. The spa has a range of VIP services available such as private Royal Club rooms with a semi-private second swimming pool and Rolls Royce transfers from Luohu (30RMB) or the airport.


You can’t beat their amenities (free food, movie channels, pool, hot tub, massages) and 24-hour rate (168 Yuan=$25). It’s like a hotel (perfect way to sleep cheap outside of Hong Kong and then go in the next day by their metro) but your cover charge is dismissed if you order a certain amount of massages or food. The main lounging room is just filled with lazy-boy recliners with tv’s attached and small trays to put your drinks and snacks on. Many people end up sleeping in their lounge chairs but they do have separate ‘sleeping commons’ for men and for women. The sleeping common turns out to be an enormous sleigh bed with dividers. It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds but there are 65 other people sleeping in the room with you. You’ll be ready to rest after your first time swimming, lounging, eating and getting massaged. We are all in our pink striped spa pajamas. It’s very interesting. Your first times will be your favorite times. It can get old from there, especially if you are tired and just want to rest.

Helpful tips:

They have English guides to help you.

It can get smoky and loud (kids are allowed) especially on the weekends, so it’s not your usual Western spa experience, but it should be done (great to arrive on a weeknight afternoon as you get to experience it when it’s quiet and calm.)

Also, 1st free drink – don’t order coffee as you can get it for free at the free juice and coffee bar, unless you want a really special brew.

You can ask for headsets and that helps with other peoples’ noisy TVs.

When going there make sure to have the directions in Chinese as no taxi driver seem to know where this is, even if it’s popular among the foreigner crowd.

Tipping: I found out at my last visit that only the foreigners tip for massages. The Chinese like to tip the locker-room helpers but not for the massages; lesson learned.

You stow everything in a locker when you get there and then you have to take a shower. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, they provide shower caps.

You get a magnetic key wrist band that only you with a locker attendant can open. Very safe.

PS: I think tips count toward your total 168 Yuan if you are trying to spend enough to get out of paying the cover charge. (the 10% gratuity tacked on the end, however, does not count towards your 168 Yuan total. )

Hope this helps.

And you can carry your cell-phone around with you, if you want.

Getting There

Address Queen Spa, Dongmen, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 皇室假期, 深圳市东门罗湖区
Phone NA
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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Tips were not included towards getting the cover charge waived.

Contrary to what their website, pamphlet, and other reviews I found online showed, their “water park” or “public spa” no longer exists. They took out what looked like the coolest part of the whole spa and put in a “VIP” section instead. I felt like it limited what the cover charge was really paying for in the first place. There was not free juice, but still free fruit, ice cream, and it looked like coffee, tea, and soft drinks were free.

They really push tipping on you and stand over you to make sure you check the tip box they want. I would rather not have tipped because my husband was definitely overcharged on a poor pedicure job.

Also, the whole time, we only found one of the staff that was a designated English speaker and he was new.

The swimming pool we found there was an extra ten yuan and you had to have your swimming suit.

As cool as the place sounded and the idea is, it did not prove to be worth my money.

You need photo ID to gain entry to the spa, passport recommended, but they will accept drivers licence too.

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