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Tonga Bar


For those in CBD, conveniently located in Central Walk shopping mall (Fuhua Lu/Sheraton Hotel corner) is a good place to enjoy food and music on a weekday, or start your party on a weekend.

Food in Tonga bar looks good and tastes okay (being an Italian cuisine lover, I can be very picky when it comes to pasta) and the prices are reasonable. It suits the taste of both expats and locals. There is enough staff for problems-free service (some speak good English) even on a busy night like that (the kitchen, however, could work a bit faster).

The outside space is inconveniently located very close to an intersection, but a green wall of plants helps a bit. There are enough fans to keep the place cool on a hot evening. I like the interior design, especially when the lights go out. The place definitely needs live music (Sheerlove’s performance made the evening, even though it faced some sound problems in the beginning) to make your dinner enjoyable. All in all it could make a good change from the rush of Coco Park’s bar street every now and again. – Review by Kaminari /

Getting There

Address 1010 Central Walk, Fuhua 1st Rd, Futian
Chinese Address NA
Phone 8280 1687
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA