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X-Ta-Sea Sports Bar and Restaurant


Servicing Shekou for over eight years as the areas original sports bar, X-Ta-Sea has developed a reputation for great food, service, and entertainment throughout Shenzhen.

Comfortable atmosphere with the best steaks, best burgers, and other western food in Shenzhen (Visit us on the web for full service menu details). Have a hot turkey sandwich, a bowl of chili, or a country fried steak, and you’ll come back again. Live music with “Down the Hatch” playing everything from classic rock to modern pop every Tuesday through Saturday at 10PM. Quality service, the lowest prices in town, two regulation pool tables in great condition, foosball table, dart board, and 5 six-foot-wide TV screens providing excellent views from anywhere in the bar for Premier League, Rugby, Aussie Rules, NFL, NCAA, Basketball, Baseball, Golf & more…

Visit us in the Minghua Ship at Seaworld, first level of the main entrance, just inside and to the left.

Tsingtao beer 15 rmb till 8 pm 20 rmb after, Mixed Drinks 35 rmb till 8 pm 40 after, Phili Cheese Steak Sandwich 68 rmb, Full Turkey Dinner 98 rmb, 8 Ball Pool Competition every Tuesday at 9:30PM, 9 Ball Pool Competition every Thursday at 9:30PM. Win up to a 500RMB bar tab! Live Music every Tuesday-Saturday nights at 10PM.

11AM till Late Night (Last customer)

Getting There

Address First level of the Minghua Ship, Seaworld, Shekou, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 蛇口海上世界明华轮船体首层
Phone 2686 7649
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

One reply on “X-Ta-Sea Sports Bar and Restaurant”

I’ve given this place a fair crack of the whip over the past couple of years and after one more unhappy night, enough is enough. If you’re a fan of cigarette smoke, sheer noise (any commentary from the several TV screns is completely drowned by loud background rock music), indifferent service and really poor quality food, then this is the place for you.

My final experience went thus: sat down in all but empty restaurant, bar guy notices me and signals to girl; girl arrives with menu; two mins later I order chicken breasts + veg + mashed potato, and a beer. What arrived on the plate was as on previous occasions: a dismal show. The gray greasy potato, and 2-3 pieces of raw broccoli smothered in butter, were just the invite to food hell. The chicken, contrary to my request for “well done”, was just the cooked side of raw (again), and like the rest on the plate, greasy. Slightly crisped outsides and tough as nails to cut don’t constitute well done in my book. This chicken, as on earlier occasions was stale tasting, suggesting to me it has been around for a very long time in refrigeration. All in all, unpleasant. I only noticed later that the advertised bread rolls and butter were missing. Poor show suggesting a don’t-give-a-monkey’s attitude to customers.

Service up until the beginning of this year (2011) was quite good, fair to say, with a pair of bright young girls there at the ready. Latest experience harks back to previous experience this year. Staff changes all round it seems. Tonight, as in January, staff (4 of them) were too preoccupied playing pool to take care of customers. In my last visit in January I was handed the menu and the staff member disappeared to a pool table never to be seen again at my table. After 10 minutes of nothing happening, I walked out and went to a proper restaurant. The staff member was still playing pool. Great advertisement.

Tonight was the thin end of the wedge. Girl comes to table to collect my plate of uneaten debris. I ask for the bill and she goes off to the bar till … 15 minutes later of gossiping to the till girl, and she hasn’t returned. After a further 5 minutes I manage to catch her eye. She seemed surprised when I asked again for the bill. I paid and left, this time never to return. Boasting about “great food and service”, bla-bla-blah, is just so much pissing in the wind unless the boast fits the bill. In this establishment it does not. All round summation: crap.

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