Shenzhen Bus

Introduction: Shenzhen has a well developed city bus system. There are presently 3 large city bus companies in Shenzhen, they are Shenzhen Bus Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen West Bus Company and Shenzhen East Bus Company. The large quantity of vehicles exerts a lot of pressure on Shenzhen’s transportation situation at present, especially in the commuter time. Therefore, for visitors, you had better arrange your schedule appropriately out of the traffic congestion.

Ticket Fare: The city-bus fare of Shenzhen is generally a bit higher than the bus fare of other cities in China. Bus line starts with the letter B is ordinary bus line and the ticket fare charges RMB1 per person. Most of the M Bus are air-conditioned and serve for stage fare. K means fast buses and only stop at big stops, most of them apply stage fare. E buses are air-conditioned, they are also fast buses and charges more than RMB5 per person. The rest downtown buses charge RMB1 for ordinary bus while RMB2 for air-conditioned bus. Most of the tourist lines apply stage charge for air-conditioned buses. Night buses charge RMB2-RMB10 per person. Commuter Lines apply stage fare, ticket fare is like RMB2-RMB6. Intercity Buses apply stage fare from RMB2-RMB35.

Operating Time: Most of the buses operate from around 07:00 to 23:00. Some suburban lines stop running earlier.