Chinese Driver‘s License

If you have a valid drivers license from your home country with at least 60 days prior to expiration you can apply at the Xili Drivers License Office. You can’t drive with international driver’s license here in China as they don’t honor it as valid license.

  1. You have to Notarize your license in Shenzhen, they had couple of notary offices there, they will translate it into Chinese.
  2. You have to go to the Xili Drivers License Office. There you will have an eye exam, after passing, then with your notarize document along with your drivers license plus photos and passport copy you have to submit it at the 2nd floor office, they will give you schedule of the Chinese Driver’s Exam. Normally it’s every 15th and 30th of the month.
  3. The Chinese Driver’s Exam, it’s literally in Chinese. You’ll be given exams in Chinese which does not really make sense since most of us do not understand Chinese. The way how to deal with this is that every examinee has to bring an English interpreter with valid English Certification. I suggest you post ad here as there are many Chinese here who can help you with the exam. Mine, I passed on the second try. Mind you that passing grade is 90 out of 100. They are handing book at the exam place for your interpreter to review, you can have a glance also so you’ll know about road rules in China.
  4. After you pass the exam which you’ll know the result straight away after you finish the exam, they will take digital photo to place in the drivers license. Then 15 days after you can pick up the license at the same office. There are nothing to pay in any of these procedures, however you will have to pay the interpreter and the notary public.


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No.3 ‘The Chinese Driver’s Exam, it’s literally in Chinese’ is not true. I made my drivers license about 2 years ago. And there were already several languages to choose in the test computer. Just tell them in the beginning, in which language you want to be tested and they reboot the testcomputer for you. I remember at least 4 different languages to choose from (chinese, english, german, french). But you have to know that the translations are very poor and sometimes misleading. I learned the english translations, so I chose english although I am german. To get used to the funny english and learn the more than 1300 questions I wrote myself a windows tool. (Sorry for the advertisement!) I offer this tool at , because I found out that a lot of people also like it. Check it out.

In addition, one needs a temporary permit of living in Shenzhen, which you will get only if you are employed in Shenzhen.

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