Health in Shenzhen

Hospitals & clinics in Shenzhen vary in quality, consistency and specialties offered. Quality control is applied inconsistently in China compared to European, Hong Kong or North American standards. Practitioners with English language skills are the exception rather than the norm.

Most Hospitals in Shenzhen:

  • 1. Require payment or deposit in cash on admission, either to emergency department or for out-patient care.
  • 2. Don’t offer appointments, not even for specialists. One will have to show up and find out if a doctor is available. Many specialties commonly practiced in other countries may not exist in China (Physiotherapists, General Practitioners, Doctors or Osteopathy, and Chiropractics to name a few).
  • 3. Overall appearance, cleanliness and privacy can be poor depending on facility. Nursing support is limited to specified medical care and patients are often expected to provide their own bedside support, such as bathing and meals.
  • 4. Traditional Chinese Medicine practice (herbal medicines, massage, acupuncture) is still incorporated in many practitioners training and a large part of most clinic and hospital practice. Although separate from “Western” practice, it is offered and reflects the interpretation and practices of many “Western-trained” Chinese doctors.

For long-term expatriates and for newcomers to Shenzhen, International SOS recommends the following:

  1. Make sure one has medical insurance in place (plan coverage details and payment options; process of filing claims and reimbursement; are evacuations & repatriations covered, etc.);
  2. Make sure one has had all vaccinations required and up-to-date;
  3. Learn as much as possible about the area you live;
    • climate peculiarities (altitude, seasonal changes, potentially risky animals and insects);
    • pay a visit to a few local hospitals, know their addresses, emergency entrance, etc.;
    • find out if dental/pediatric services are available in the area;
  4. Have first aid kit handy that is stocked with appropriate medications if not available locally;
  5. Ensure one has enough specific/prescribed medication supply from the home country;
  6. Carry an information card/note, written in both English and a local language with you, along with your name, basic medical information (blood type, allergies, etc.) and emergency contact phone numbers;
  7. When traveling, have reliable means of communication;
  8. Make sure that all documents/visas are valid and in place;
  9. Keep emergency numbers readily available (ambulance, police, fire);
  10. Plan your itinerary carefully, have your documents (ID, insurance policy records, medical records) copied and saved, so, in an emergency or if documents are lost, someone can get access to them and retrieve necessary information;
  11. Ensure that people who work and travel with you (family, driver or office assistant) know how to seek medical assistance as they may be the only people able to help you when in need.

What you should know about Chinese hospitals

  • Bring someone who speaks Chinese and knows the Chinese translations of all the medical terms you want to ask about
  • Hospitals generally work from 8:30 – 12 and from 14:15 to 17:3o or so. Make sure you come early in the morning to register. If you arrive for example at 11:30, it’s likely that the morning quota has been reached (many people waiting still) and you can only start to register again around 12h and then need to wait till 14h. It’s also best to avoid weekends, as everyone goes to the hospital then.
  • You need to register in the hospital and you will get a green book where the doctor will write your history. I’m not actually sure there is a digital record as well. All registration forms are in Chinese. All doctors speak Chinese.
  • Consulting a doctor is really cheap : 3-8 RMB. They make money by treating as many patients as possible.
  • Don’t expect too much privacy. If you are lucky, you can close the door yourself when you have your consult with the doctor. Often one consulting room is shared between several doctors, so everyone can hear what you are talking about.
  • If you don’t have a common health issue, try to get a second opinion: you might as well just register for two consults immediately.

Where to go for healthcare in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Hospitals

Note: Hospital Outpatient Facilities Close for Lunch 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM


  • SZ Beijing University Hospital (Life-threatening Emergencies) – 深圳北大医院

    Address: 福田区莲花路1166号

    Emergency Room: (755) 8392-3333 ext 8100 or 8390-9933

    VIP Out-Patient Clinic (6th Floor) (755) 8392-3333 ext. 8600

    VIP Hours: 09:00-17:30

    RMB 100 for VIP Consultations

    RMB 8 for regular Consultations – longer waiting time

  • Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital (Emergencies) – 深圳第二人民医院

    Address: 福田区笋岗西路3002号

    Emergency Room: (755) 8336-6120

    VIP: (755) 8328-2299 or 8336-6388 x2223


  • Nanshan Hospital (Life-threatening Emergencies) – 南山医院

    Address: 南山区桃源路89号

    Emergency Room: (755) 2656-5339 or 2655-3111 Ext.23100

    VIP: (755) 2655-3111 ext. 30168 or 30188

    Hours: 09:00-17:30

  • Shekou Peoples Hospital (East) – 蛇口人民医院(东区)

    Address: 深圳市南山区蛇口湾厦路1号

    Dr Peggy Meng Li (Speaks English)

    Out-patient Director

    Mobile: 136-8881-5032

    Email: [email protected]

    Emergency Room: (755) 2669-6949

  • Shekou Peoples Hospital (West) – 蛇口人民医院(西区)

    Address: 深圳蛇口工业七路26

    Emergency Room: (755) 2686 3563

Shenzhen Out-Patient Clinics


  • Puji Clinic – 普济诊所

    Address: 2 Huibing Plaza, Dongbing Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


    Tel: (755) 26491111or 86037111

    VIP Dept: (755) 26491709

    Service scope: Lab test & imaging, vaccination, medicine provision

  • CanAm International Medical Center – 加美国际医疗中心

    E0119 Fraser Place 1033 Nanhai Road, Shekou Nanshan District



    China Tel: +86 755 2688 7106

    On call doctors 24 hrs/day

  • International SOS Shekou Clinic – 国际SOS 蛇口诊所

    Note: Strict ISOS Member-only access

    Villa No. 8 Bi Hua Road (off Taizi Road South), Shekou

    Shenzhen 518067


    Jonathan Hyman (Clinic Manager)

    Clinic Appointment: (0755) 2669-3667

    After Hour Emergency +86 10 6462-9100 / +852 2528 9900

    Email: [email protected]


  • Shezhen Wuzhou Chinese Western Union Medical Hospital (International Dept) – 五洲中西医结合医院国际门诊部

    Some vaccines, English speaking nurses

    Address: 7 Keyan, Keyuan North Rd, Keji Garden, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (International Dept is on 3rd floor of Outpatient Building)


    Tel: (755) 26491185 or 26500801

    International Dept: (755) 26491185

  • Long Zhu Hospital – 龙珠医院

    Service scope: Lab test & imaging, medicine provision, vaccination

    Address: No.3, Longyuan Rd, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


    Tel: (755) 86258888

    VIP Dep: (755) 86258099

Shenzhen Dental Clinic


  • ARRAIL Dental Clinic – 瑞尔齿科

    Impressive state-of-the-art & private-owned

    Dr. Alice (Speaks English & Trained in Australia)

    Address: 02-G3 & G4 Diwang Commercial Centre

    5002 Shennandong Road


    深圳 罗湖区地王大厦G3&G4层2单元

    Tel: (0755) 2583-5788 or (00852) 2238-1393

    Email: [email protected]



  • Hua Mei Dental – 华美齿科

    Similar quality but smaller than ARRAIL, always have English speaking dentist or translator.

    Address: 6th floor, building across from Hai Wong building off Nan Hai road


    Tel: +86 755 2642 9141 or 9142

    [email protected]

Guangzhou Primary Care Private Clinics

  • EurAM International Medical Center – 康辰国际医疗中心

    Dr. Peggy Lu (English-speaking, Australian Trained)

    Senior General Practitioner

    1/F North Tower, Ocean Pearl Building, 19 Hua Li Lu

    Zhu Jiang New City, GZ

    广州珠江新城华利路19号远洋明珠大厦北塔一楼 code:510623

    Tel: 86-20-3758-5328 or 3758-5512

    Mobile: 135-7006-1580

  • United Family Clinic – 广州和睦家诊所

    Medical Director: Dr. Tony V. Lu (English speaking,Western Trained)

    Address: 1 F Annex Building, PICC Building

    301 Guangzhou Avenue Middle, Guangzhou


    Tel: +86 (020) 8710-6000 (Appointment)

    Email: [email protected]

    Mobile: 137-1059-8681


    24 Hour Urgent Care: +86 (20) 8710-6060

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