Internet Providers

In Shenzhen, there are only 2 internet providers: China Telecom and Topway.

China Telecom is an ADSL provider while Topway is a cable provider (Yes, the same Topway as your cable TV). China Telecom’s ADSL offering originally focused solely on commercial solutions. Topway and China Telecom now now serve both commercial and private customers.

Both will cost you 100rmb + per month for your connection. Depending on the area you live in, one may be faster than the other.

Topway retail service centers can be found in every suburb as can China Telecom. Just give the tourism number a call and ask them for the closest office.

Neither store has English speaking representatives as standard policy.

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just for your info, I am leaving in Luohu and there are some area that are not covered by Topway for internet. So you have to take 2 subscriptions: one for internet with China Telecom and one with Topway for the cable TV.

Otherwise the pack Topway internet+TV is interesting but just not accessible everywhere.


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