Shenzhen Metro

Shenzhen Metro, Introduction

After the opening of the Shenzhen Metro 深圳地铁, Shenzhen has become the 5th city with an underground railway system in mainland China (after Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou).

Shenzhen Metro, 5 Lines

Shenzhen has a very modern metro system and more extensions are planned for 2011 and beyond. The metro has currently 5 lines (3 operational with parts are under construction):

Shenzhen Metro Line 1: Luobao Line

Line 1 runs between the Luohu Border Checkpoint to Shenzhen University, from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. It operates at a 6-minute interval during rush hours and up to 11-minute interval other times. This line will run to Shenzhen Airport once completed.

  • Luo Hu (Lo Wu, 罗湖)
  • Guo Mao (国贸, International Trade Centre)
  • Lao Jie (老街, literally Old Street)
  • DaJuYuan (大剧院, Grand Theatre Diwang and MixC)
  • KeXueGuan (科学馆, Science Museum Jusco)
  • HuaQiang Lu (华强路, Huaqiang Road)
  • Gang Xia (岗厦)
  • Hui Zhan Zhong Xin (会展中心, Exhibition Centre + Central Walk) [Interchange station for line number 4]
  • Gou Wu Gong Yuan (购物公园, Shopping Park Coco Park)
  • XiangMiHu (香蜜湖, Honey Lake)
  • Chegong Miao (车公庙, Che Gong Temple)
  • Zhuzi Lin (竹子林, Bamboo Forest)
  • Qiaocheng Dong (侨城东, Overseas Chinese Town East)
  • Huaqiao Cheng (华侨城, Overseas Chinese Town)
  • Shi Jie Zhi Chuang (Window of the World, 世界之窗)
  • Baishizhou
  • Hi-tech Industrial Park
  • Shenzhen University

Shenzhen Metro Line 1, Airport extension

Line 1 is presently being extended from Shenzhen University to the International Shenzhen Airport. In June 2011, it is expected to run to the Shenzhen International Airport.


  • 1st Train leaves Window of the World at 6h30am
  • Last Train leaves Window of the world at 11pm
  • 1st Train leaves Louhu at 6h30am
  • Last Train leaves Louhu at 11pm

Shenzhen Metro Line 2: Shekou Line

Phase 1 of Line 2 runs from Shekou (deserving the Ferry terminal) to Window of the World has been completed. It runs from 07:30 to 19:30. Phase 2 will run from Window of the World to Xin Xiu; it will be completed in June 2011.

Shenzhen Metro Line 2 Phase I:

  • Chiwan
  • Shekou Port
  • Sea World
  • Shuiwan
  • Dongjiaotou
  • Wanxia
  • Haiyue
  • Dengliang
  • Houhai
  • Keyuan (Science Park)
  • Hongshuwan
  • Window of the World [Interchange station for line number 1]

Shenzhen Metro Line 2 Phase II:

  • OCT North
  • Shen Kang
  • An Tuo Shan
  • Qianxiang
  • Xiangmi
  • Xiangmei North
  • Jiang Tian
  • Lianhua west
  • Futian
  • City Hall
  • Gangxia North
  • HuaQiang North
  • Yannan
  • Financial District
  • Dong Men
  • Huangbei
  • Xinxiu

Shenzhen Metro Line 3: Longgang Line

Under construction (in 2011). It will connect with Line 1 at Guo Mao and Gouwu Gongyuan and run out to Longgang in the north-east of the city.

Shenzhen Metro Line 4: Longhua Line

Line 4 currently runs from Futian Kou’an to the Children’s Palace (Shao Nian Gong). It operates at 17-minute interval from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Once completed, Line 4 will run to Qin Hi.

  • Extension from Children’s Palace to Longhua in Bao’an District (Under Construction)
  • Shao Nian Gong (少年宫 Children’s Palace)
  • Shi Min Zhong Xin (市民中心 Civic Centre)
  • Hui Zhan Zhong Xin (会展中心) [Interchange station for line number 1]
  • Fu Min (福民)
  • Huang Gang (皇岗) — transfer to MTR East Rail Line Lok Ma Chau station

Shenzhen Metro Line 5: Huanzhong Line

Under construction (in 2011). Line 5 will run from Qian Hai Wan to Huang Bei Ling.

Shenzhen Metro, things to know

Station facilities, amenities and services

Stations have toilets (free of charge), and public telephones (although at some stations, these have not yet been connected). SZMC also operates luggage storage facilities in the concourse above Luohu Station.

Fares and tickets

Fare is payable in two methods: a Shenzhen Metro TransCard or by cash fare.

Shenzhen Metro TransCards

The SZMC charge cards are very similar to the Octopus card system used on the MTR and KCR rail lines in Hong Kong. The TransCard bills fare according to distance, so shorter trips are at a lower cost than maximum fare. Those using the card more than forty times in one month are eligible for a ‘frequent-user’ discount. The TransCards are the most cost effective way to use the system and are simple to use: the card is waved in front of card readers that are located at all entrances and exits to the subway system. However, unlike Hong Kong Octopus Cards, Shenzhen Transcards cannot be sold back to the stations or have faults dealt with by SZMC. Instead, the customer must go to the offices of Shenzhen Transcard. Furthermore, no child fares are available, and student fares are only available to students studying in Shenzhen. SZM is a cheap alternative way to travel in the central-eastern part of Shenzhen (compared with other transport modes such as buses and taxis). However, it lacks connections to the east side, particularly Yantian, a high tech foreign business park and busy port. This, however, will be remedied at a later stage of development.

Cash fares

Cash fare consists of the maximum chargeable riding fare of 5RMB and can be purchased at ticket machines or at the information counter. When using cash fare, a green RFID token is purchased and used to record the station entrance information. To exit the station, one needs only to deposit the token in the slot at the station exit gate. The maximum fare will be charged if the passenger is unable to return the token. People over 70 years of age and the disabled are entitled to free travel on the system.


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