Kitchenware Store in Dongmen


For anyone who owns a pint-sized oven, we all have the same question: where in Shenzhen do we buy utensils and accessories?

This place is located in Dongmen and is a massive 4 stories high building. CAQ is a 4-floor building and a basic guide is as follows:

  • 1st Floor (Street Level): Ceramic cooking pots and various cheaper utensils
  • 2nd Floor: Knives, spades, cling wrap, foil, backing paper, cleaning fluids and insect repellents as well as plates and cutlery
  • 3rd Floor: ovens, stoves, fryers, all larger equipment
  • 4th Floor; cake trays, smaller equipments, other backing accessories

Getting There

Address CAQ, Dongmen, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 深圳罗湖区湖贝路2163号1-4层
Phone 8883-8182
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

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I’m from a small island called Curacacao in the Caribbean. Traveling to Shenzhen, China soon. Thanks to all your information I’m ready to hit the road in Shenzhen.

Do you buy any chance has information where to buy cake stuff. Specially cup cakes?

very useful. I was looking for this information. Need to know how to get there from Shekou by metro or by bus,

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