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There are several big furniture stores in Shenzhen. I will focus on the shops in Nanshan, Futian and Luohu. You’ll be able to find everything for decorating your house: from beds to kitchens. Either do-it-yourself (DIY) or full assembled for you. In the smaller shops you can definitely negotiate about the price, but in stores like Ikea everything is fixed price. Below you will find short descriptions and addresses of B&Q, Ikea, RomanJoy, Hoba and some other stores.

Nanshan District

B&Q Nanshan

Two floor store in Nanshan, easy to find. Lots of raw materials such as wood panels, tiles, doors etc. Kitchens, bathrooms, lights, sofas, beds, sinks. Not a huge selection, but if you live in Nanshan it’s worth a visit. B&Q also offers free indoor designers if you buy all your stuff there.

Address: 3028 Nanshan Avenue Nanshan District (南山大道3028号)


Taiyuan (泰源) Nanshan

Lots of small shops inside one big building, just across the intersection at B&Q Nanshan. In general cheaper than B&Q and just a 5-minute walk away so it’s good to compare prices. You can negotiate about the price. There are also several small interior design companies which can either just design your interior and arrange the workers.

Ikea Nanshan

Ikea Shenzhen opened in 2008 and is not so easy to reach with public transport, best option is to take the subway to Window of the World and take the free Ikea shuttle bus there. Ikea has a good selection and you can get many design ideas just wondering around the store. Read my more in-depth review about Ikea .

Address: No.8188, Bei Huan Road, Nanshan District


Hola Nanshan

Hola sells dining sets, textiles, closets, lights, decoration, small appliances.

B&Q Nanshan

Next to Ikea (just 2 minute walk) is Hoba. More focussed on DIY and less on prefabricated furniture.

If you want to eat, you can go to KFC (between B&Q and Ikea) or just eat in the Ikea restaurant.

Roman Joy Nanshan

Crossing of Hou Hai road and Chuang Ye road.

Futian District

Macalline in Futian

Opened around the end of 2008. Macalline in Shenzhen sells home appliances and furniture such as sofas etc.

Address: Xiang Mi Hu (Honey Lake) 中国深圳市福田香蜜湖(深南大道北侧)

Website: (Chinese)

B&Q in Futian

Bit smaller than B&Q in Nanshan probably, located next to Binhe road, though a bit hidden behind the trees.

Address: Yun Song building in Che Gong Miao area. Small shops behind B&Q. Behind (to the north of B&Q) there is a low building with lots of small furniture shops. It seems these shops are not doing so well though, with part of the shops closed and few visitors.

Roman Joy in Futian

Address: Crossing of Fuqiang road and Shazui road.

Hoba in Futian

Address: HOBA Home Furnishings Plaza, No.3006, Caitian Road


Luohu District

B&Q Luohu

Address: No. 4008 North Bao’an road

Hoba Shenzhen Headquarter

Luxury furniture store with many (expensive) foreign brands.

Address: Crossing of Mei Yuan road and North Bao’an road.

Roman Joy Luohu

Address: No 3 North Li Yuan road

Jin Haima

Address: Crossing of Ni Gang road and North Bao’an road


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I want to go to shenzen just to but furniture, tiles, wallpaper, wash basins, kitchen stuff. But I have no idea how to import to India. Can some one tell me how to do it?

Just went shopping for the first time ever is Shenzen for furniture and ended up in Hoba. It was a very succesfull trip! We found a bed, sofa, coffe table and a nice bunk bed. It will be delivered to Hong Kong for a small fee. It really is worth the trip to go and shop there if you want to save some money!

I have heard there are 4-5 big malls in shenzhen which sells tiles, furniture and other building materials. Can someone tell be where it is and how to go there from Hong Kong. Thanks

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