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Luohu Commercial City


As soon as you exit the Chinese Immigration you’ll find yourself inside the Luohu Commercial City (LCC). LCC is not an attractive building, rather it is a functional, five-storey complex selling almost everything you could imagine at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. This is the entrance to Luohu District Shenzhen.

Try to ignore the touts selling DVDs and watches. Starting at the fifth floor with the fabric and tailors is a good idea. If you pick a quiet day it may be possible to schedule a first fitting for later in the same day. Here are two good dim sum restaurants on the fifth floor too. Artworks and embroidery are good buys here.

Massage, haircuts, manicure and pedicure are good ways to relax from the hurly-burly of shopping. Even a basic shampoo & blow dry comes with a head and shoulder massage. All of these services cost a fraction of the price you’d pay in Hong Kong.

It is important to bargain hard in LCC. Frequently the first price mentioned will be 4 times the true value of the goods. Be prepared to walk away if the goods are over-priced but remain polite and always smile. Remember the vendor has to make a living too.

Most day-trippers from Hong Kong do not venture beyond Luohu Commercial City and thus miss out on the atmosphere of Dongmen, where most of the Shenzhen locals shop. The MTR station and bus station are located beneath LCC.

Free shuttle buses are available to hotels and spa/massage centres from the underground bus station too.

At LCC, cash is highly recommended. Some places charge an extra 10% for credit card purchases. The shop assistants will bring you to shops that have credit card processing machines.

Getting There

Address Luohu Commercial City, Luohu Train station, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 罗湖区火车站罗湖商业城
Phone NA
Fax NA
Metro Station Get off at Luohu Station (罗湖站), Exit A (A出口)
Bus 1, 7, 12, 17
Website NA

Getting There Map

Luohu Commercial City and Dongmen Map

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Catch the train up to Lo Wu station, go through HK immigration and walk across the border into mainland China. Once you go through Chinese immigration and get though the thicket of taxi touts, the first building you see is Luo Hu Commercial City. Its five floors contain hundreds of tiny shops, mostly selling “brand name” clothing, shoes and accessories. There are also dozens of tailors who can make or copy anything. If you prefer, there are electronics, DVDs, souvenirs, home furnishings etc.”

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