Christina Tailor, Fashion Designer


Visit Christina in the Luohu Commercial City Railway Station in Shenzhen for all your tailoring and home design needs. With Christina’s experience in designing and tailoring, enjoy affordable quality with reliability you can count on. For your convenience, in-home or in-office appointments are available in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with free delivery on finished goods. Items can also be shipped anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to have a copy made from an existing piece of clothing or a photo, or you have your own unique idea, Christina’s experience working with customers from all over the world makes the process easy. Her fluency in English also ensures accuracy.


– Men’s shirts and suits

– Ladies’ shirts and skirts

– Linen suits

– Chinese traditional clothing

– Wedding dresses – western and Chinese styles

– Maternity clothing

– Chinese silk clothing

– Wool suits and coats

Home Fashion:

– Curtains

– Bed covers

– Chinese and western-style cushions

– Seat covers

Special occasion items:

– Fabric envelopes

– Bags of all kinds

– Party favors

NOTE: For your convenience, in-home or in-office appointments are available in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with free delivery on finished goods. Items can also be shipped anywhere in the world.

Getting There

Address 5055A, 5/F, Luohu Commercial City, Railway Station, Shenzhen, China
Chinese Address 扬君时尚, 深圳市罗湖区商业城5楼5055A铺
Phone 136 3298 8513
Fax NA
Metro Station Luohu Station (Border crossing to Hong Kong) – 罗湖站
Bus NA
Website NA

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Christina Yang is one of the best designers from whom I have purchased clothes and at such good discounts. I purchased many clothes of high quality, that’s something that we don’t often see in United states, at this price-range.
We visited Shenzhen and somebody told us about her, so we visited her store and were pleased. What we were expecting was delivered. I highly recommend her and if anyone goes to Shenzhen to have clothes tailor-made, he/she must visit her store.

My wife and I just went to Lou Hu commercial city mall, and found a great Tailor. Her name is Christina and she is located on the 5th floor- # 5055A. She speaks good english and works mostly with Expats.
Her website is

We ended up buying 1 Men’s suit (under US 120 for high quality), 2 Women’s suits, 8 women’s dress shirts, a few dresses and 2 men’s dress shirts, all for under US $500.
She followed some of the guidelines, by bringing in other clothes for her to copy, and some magazine pictures. She shipped some of the articles to Hong Kong where we were staying and she is going to ship some to our home in Singapore.

We def. recommend her and will use her again. I’ve been to Shenzhen many times and this is the first time, we recommend anyone.

(p,s, she also has some contacts that sell branded shoes and other branded items, at an incredible discount with amazing quality.. ask her about them)


I’m Sarah and I’m currently working on a business aimed at people with knock knees – this might sound a little strange at first, but there are many people with this condition who struggle to find the right clothes. Therefore, I’m looking for a designer/tailor who could adjust an design trousers, skirts and dresses in a way which visually straighten up people’s legs.

There should be ways, by either adjusting the inseam, padding, wrinkle effects on the inside of the trouser leg etc. A few things could be tried and tested.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this job or if you have any contacts who could help me here.

Could you please also let me know the average price you charge for a pair of trousers.

Thanks and best regards,


Dear Sarah

My apologies for the delayed reply to your message. We would of course be delighted to support you with this work. We can most certainly provide you with a quotation, but much depends on volume. If there is a regular work flow, the rate per piece would naturally be lower compared with piecemeal orders, though we are happy to undertake both.

Would it be possible to discuss this in more detail? You could call me on (+86) 135 3786 7267 (PRC mobile) or I could call you if you could let me know the number I should dial. My email address is [email protected]. You can copy in Christina herself ([email protected]). I report to her in my role as International Sales Manager.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and best,

Jan Stuffers

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