Dameisha Seashore Park


Dameisha Seashore Park is lying by the beautiful South Sea, boasting over 1800 meters beach between the mountain and sea. According to the themes of Dameisha, which are romance, freedom and recreation, the hinterland is designed with the relevant facilities, like the apartments with hotel-styled services, cafe, public house, tea-house and shopping center. All these enrich the tourist resources of Dameisha.

Getting There

Address Dameisha Seashore Park, No.23, Yan Kui Rd, Shenzhen, Yantian District
Chinese Address 大梅沙海滨公园, 深圳市盐田区盐葵路23号
Phone 2525-5463
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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What interested me was that someone told me that the sand was transported there from the Yellow River?! Wow!

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