Xichong Beach


Experience the Enchanting Island, Xichong Beach is the largest beach in Shenzhen and is one of the eight most beautiful beach in China. A place to relax far away from the noise of the Metropolis.

Getting There

Address Xichong Beach, Nan Men Tou,Nan Ao, Shenzhen, Longgang District
Chinese Address 西冲(西涌)三门岛, 深圳市龙岗区南澳西冲沙滩南门头
Phone NA
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

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I really appreciate your site, thanks for all the useful information. I went to Xichong with a group of friends this past weekend and thought I would give you some info for the site if you want it.

Transportation from Nanshan:

Line 1 metro to line 4 interchange

Line 4 metro to Children’s Palace

Bus 111 to Shenzhen Stadium, can’t miss the stadium (This means 111 headed toward Lohou)

Bus E11 to Nan Ao Beach

Local Van driver to Xichong (the drivers are mostly in silver vans)


Print out “Xichong Beach” and “Nan Ao” in Chinese characters to show the bus attendant and van driver respectively. The van driver gave me his card, the number is 15889293313 (have someone ready to speak Chinese, preferably Cantonese)


E11 bus 10RMB (w/out tong card)

Private van (60RMB one-way) we fit 6ppl easy

Beachside room 300 RMB/night with 100RMB deposit (we fit 6 people in one room with two double beds, 3 to a bed)

Time: One-way transport from Nanshan = 3hrs

Food: There is one restaurant that we found in the middle of the beach. THey have fish tanks for you to select your meal and some typical rice and noodle selections however, limited pictures if any on the menu. Dimsum style eating, best to have a Chinese speaker with you.

Restaurant alternative: Bring meats and veggies to BBQ (can’t be purchased at Xichong). Each set of cabins has a cookout area with charcoal available. Beer is 8RMB so bring out some hard stuff to get you started.



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