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Chiwan Left Fort


Chiwan was one of the prime defensive spots on the Pearl River . The Chiwan Fort was divided into two parts, the Left Fort and the Right Fort. Originally they had twelve gun positions but now only the Left Fort is in any reasonable degree of repair. Perched on Ying Zui Mountain, at over 500 feet above the Pearl River, they commanded a full field of fire. Their failure to make any impression on British ships as they entered the Pearl was one of the first great disasters of the Opium War. There is also a statue of Lin Zexu, the Viceroy of the Two Guangs, whose decision to try to destroy the opium trade was one of the causative factors leading to the Opium War. 8am – 5.30pm.

Getting There

Address Chiwan First Rd, Chiwan, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 赤湾左炮台, 南山区赤湾一路
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One reply on “Chiwan Left Fort”

I have been at the left fort on last weekend and from my opinion it is not worth going there. It’s on a small hill/mountain with one canon left there and the statue of Lin Zexu beside the fortress.

The area around is just an industrial and harbour remote landscape. I went there by bus #J1 from the Exhibition Center in Futian (takes an hour) to the Shekou Ferry Port (also a metro stop of Line 2) and walked the rest of the way to there (another 20 Min.). I believe you can also take bus #226 which stops right in front of the hill. Other places of interest in this area are the Tian Hou Temple (didn’t went it coz all signs just in Chinese, Entrance fee is 15 RMB) and the Tomb of the Young Song Emporer. For those two places you might go straight to Chiwan metro station and walk a short distance.

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