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Xin’an (Nantou) Ancient City


This is the original county town for the county which originally encompassed Hong Kong and Shenzhen. There has been a town on this site since the fourth century. Much of the old town has been demolished and replaced by eight storey residential buildings in the “urban village” style, but Xin’an has still maintained the flavour of a Cantonese town throughout the ages with vibrant street life along narrow streets. The Ming Dynasty wall and gate remain magnificently preserved as do the Guan Yu Temple outside the gates, the naval and civil headquarters, a silver shop, an opium den and even a brothel. Visit the eighteenth century “Flower Street” or street of brothels, a narrow alley with an eighteenth century official stele denouncing the evils of prostitution.

Getting There

Address Xi’an Nantou Gucheng, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 新安(南头)古城
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Fax NA
Metro Station NA
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3 replies on “Xin’an (Nantou) Ancient City”

I was surprised that Shenzhen has such a place to offer, despite the fact that you always just read about 32 years of history and see the shiny world in Futian, Luohu and Nanshan of the rising Shenzhen/China.

I can highly recommend to go over there to escape the modern world for a few hours and dive into the hustle and bustle of narrow streets and alleys and try a lot of different snacks as well as see a few older places.

If you wanna go there take metro line 1 (Luobao line) to the TaoYuan station and walk towards north. After passing the Shennan Dadao via a circular footbridge make sure you take the stairs down on the north-west side. You can go either straight now where an old gate will be seen after a few hundred meters or go left, passing by the Nanshan bus station, another temple and after it is an open space which leads to the south gate of Xin’an City.

If you are there and you have a couple of minutes left I’d also recommend to check out the church nearby. Go out at the east gate and turn left, after a few meters there is a small steep street on the left as well. Follow that one till you see the church and check it out.

I forgot to mention that the church is the Nantou Catholic Church. The axact address is also published here on this website.

May I ask the name of the place you visited? the one you mentioned as Nantou ancient city ? I need the name or the street name to pay a visit there.

Thanks thanks.

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