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Wutong Mountain National Park


At just over 900 meters, Wutong Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Pearl River Delta and it is a Mecca for Shenzhen hikers and climbers. This has been a recognised beauty spot since at least the Ming Dynasty when it was included in the Eight Great Views of Xin’an County and was celebrated in poetry. There are several routes to the top varying significantly in difficulty. The broad road will be a gentle climb. But be prepared for a good 5 hours if you intend to go to the top and back. There are two peaks, Lesser Wutong where the Shenzhen TV Company has its handsome transmission tower, and Greater Wutong which is reached via the notoriously difficult Hao Han Slope. On a clear day, the views from the summit over Mirs Bay and the mountains of Hong Kong’s New Territories are indescribably beautiful. Night views over the city set against the sweep of Shenzhen Bay are also to die for. Free. Wutong Mountain is one of the breath taking mountain views in Shenzhen for hikers.

Getting There

Address Wu Tong Mountain, Da Wang Cun,Sha Wan, Shenzhen, Luohu District
Chinese Address 梧桐山风景区, 深圳市罗湖区沙湾大旺村
Phone 2571-0396
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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