Mangrove Seashore Ecological Park


China’s smallest national park. Hong Kong’s Mai Po Marshes are one of the world’s great birdwatching paradises as birds migrating from Siberia rest in the fishponds. The same birds also rest in the mangroves on Shenzhen Bay a scant two miles north of Mai Po. In the late 1990s when the Binhai Freeway was being built, there was public outrage at plans to route the freeway through the bird habitat of the mangroves. The freeway was moved 200 metres north and China’s smallest national park was founded. The bird watching is legendary, but if you are not into birds, the park provides coconut palm shaded walks and views to die for across Shenzhen Bay. Free.

Getting There

Address Mangrove Seashore Ecological Park, Mangrove Nature Reserve,Che Gong Miao, Shenzhen, 518040 Futian District
Chinese Address 红树林海滨生态公园, 深圳市福田区车公庙红树林自然保护区
Phone 8370-1816
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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