Chen Yang Hao Miao


Although this temple almost surely dates back to the Ming Dynasty, the current building was “renovated” (probably from the ground up) in 1994. It is now surrounded by high-rises in one of Shenzhen’s oldest and most prosperous villages.

The temple is said to date back to the Ming Dynasty. It is known that the extremely wealthy village of Xia Sha, within modern Shenzhen, is indeed that old, and there is a photo from the early 1990s of a quite dilapidated temple standing there (along with the equally hoary Huang Ancestral Hall next door). However, the current structure, like the Huang Hall, was “renovated”–almost certainly completely rebuilt–in 1994, and there is nothing to indicate that the main figures are of any great age. The best one can say is that veneration of Chen Hao and Yang Hao has been going on here for a very long time, but no real antiquity can be ascribed to the fabric of the temple.


Getting There

Address The main gate to Xia Sha village is plainly visible on the south side of Binhe Road in Futian, across from the B&Q Hardware. All buses to the village itself are circuitous; it might be best to take the Shenzhen Metro to Che Gong Miao Station (named after another, no-longer-extant temple). From there, walk south on Xiangmihu Road for about 10 minutes, to Binhe, from which crossing you can see the gateway. Cross Binhe, enter the gate, and follow the road to the heart of the village. OR from Che Gong Miao Station take a cab, likely to be only a minimum (12.50 yuan) ride. Say “Shya sha tsoon” (almost like “cha cha soon”) to the cabbie.
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