Guan Gong Temple


This ancient temple is dedicated to a “historical” figure from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is also a fierce warrior, and a guardian of Buddhist dharma; as such, he is often found in front of Buddhist temples. Here, however, the worship is not Buddhist, but rather “folk devotion.”

The history of this Temple is unavailable at this time. However, it is located on the edge of a neighborhood which was formerly Xinan. This was the county seat of Xinan county (encompassing Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan), which was established in 1573. The Temple’s foundations, then, are arguably from that time or earlier, in the later Ming Dynasty.


Getting There

Address The Temple is located at the western end of Shennan Road. Many buses–notably #204–stop at the Nantou stop (not the Nantou border crossing). From the stop, walk 20 or 30 meters west; the gate will be on your right, just before the larger gate of the Xinan old town area.
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