San Sheng Miao


It seems to have opened in Autumn of 2004. As it is in a public park, and I know that several of the temples in Shenzhen were municipal projects, I’m guessing this one was built by the city.

One notable feature is that there is a pool or spring behind the main hall; local people come here to fill water bottles. This leads me to believe that, as in so many places in the world, there may have been a natural feature here that drew reverence, and the temple was built to mark it.

The temple is approached on a footpath within Meilin Gong Yuan (Meilin Park). It stands on a rise just to the east of the easy-to-spot Meilin Reservoir.


Getting There

Address Numerous buses run to the Meilin Yi Cun stop, or tell a taxi driver “May Lynn Ee Chun” (sounds like “Fail in me soon”). Look toward the KFC and Carrefour; beyond them, on the street that runs to the north, you will see the reservoir. Walk toward the reservoir, find the entry to the park on a side street to the right, and follow the left-hand path up the hill. The temple is at the top of the path.
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