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Dapeng Ancient Fort


Dapeng Fort is yet another amazingly well preserved Ming Dynasty Fort. Founded in 1394, it shared with various other forts the duties of guarding the entrances to the Pearl River and was prominent in the defense of the river during the Opium War. It is extremely well preserved and currently undergoing restoration as a museum.

Getting There

Address Dapeng Fortress, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Chinese Address 大鹏所城, 大鹏半岛龙岗区
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One reply on “Dapeng Ancient Fort”

Before we went to Dapeng Ancient Fortress we’ve been to Yantian (by bus #J1) and there we took bus #364 which goes to Dapeng itself. You have to get off the bus at the final destination and there will wait already a bunch of three-wheeler motor bike taxi guys. We took one of them and paid 10 RMB which should be the maximum to go there. Tell them you want to go to DaPeng SuoCheng / 大鹏所城. Alternatively you can take bus #928 which should also departure from either the bus stop where you get off or the one opposite there, besides the KFC. The fare is 1 RMB and the bus stops in front of the street which leads you to the fort.

Inside it is a maze of small alleys where people still get there water out of wells, life their daily life, with temples and other exhibitions (ticket price to see that is 20 RMB). There are also a few so called “house restaurants” where you can eat or even a hotel with rooms in one of of those old chinese houses. We saw also two of their rooms, brand new, with a fancy bathroom and a LCD screen on the wall and another one with two bedrooms on two levels, just in case you want to stay overnight. The room price was 300 RMB.

To go back to Dapeng take bus #928 again and if your destination is Luohu or Futian you should take bus #E11, a coach which takes the highway and reaches e.g. at the exhibition center in less than an hour (sure it depends on the traffic).

Check this place out, maybe combining it with a weekend trip to XiChong Beach. 5 out of 5.

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