Theme Parks

Minsk World


Minsk World is a military theme park centered around the former Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk. You can tour the island, flight deck and second and fifth decks of the carrier. There is a short film on the carrier’s history in a small theater to the left of the entrance from the shore. Many key captions and display boards are in English, but Chinese is predominant. There are tour guides stationed at various exhibits that will give brief explanations of them in Chinese only. There are periodic performances with a military theme on the flight deck and fifth deck. For ¥30, you can take a 5 minute motorboat ride around the starboard side of Minsk and get a good view of it that is not possible from the shore. There are also several exhibits of PLA military equipment on the grounds. Admission 110RMB.

Getting There

Address Minsk World, Minsk Building, Jin Rong Rd,Sha Tou Jiao,Seashore, Shenzhen, Yantian District
Chinese Address 明斯克大世界, 深圳市盐田区沙头角金融路海滨明思克大厦
Phone 8222-1227, 2535-5333
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus 103, 202, 205 or 430
Website NA