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Shenzhen Waterlands Resort


Shenzhen Waterlands Resort is a eco-park in Bao’an district centered around the Chinese wetlands and fishing. It covers an area of 1.7 million square meters and is dotted with lakes, streams, wood and grass. You can go fishing in either salt water or fresh water. There are also botanical gardens, springs, a mangrove area, a group-activity area and some areas for children to play. In “Fun World” you can enjoy many water-related activities such as walking over a chain bridge, a floating bridge etc. Chinese tourists go here to escape from the city and educate their children about nature.

The park also offers several accommodations for the night: from oddly shaped hotels to cabins at the lake (about 500RMB/night).

Admission Fee: 60 yuan/person. Opening Hours: 09:00 to 20:00

Shenzhen Waterlands Resort

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Getting There

Address Shajin Township, Bao’an District
Chinese Address 宝安区沙井镇
Phone 2514-2221
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus 652, 779, 337 (from Luohu Port and Shenzhen Railway Station) , 338 (Shenzhen Airport)