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Shenzhen Zoo


Shenzhen Zoo also known as Safari Park is located in Xili University District, Nanshan. From Futian, it is about a 25 minute taxi ride and will cost you around 40rmb to get there.

Once you arrive, you will walk down the main drive entrance. On the left is the ticket booth. Tickets are 130 RMB for anyone over 120cm (in other words, kids are free). If you want to add in the “Seaworld” tickets, the total is 170rmb.

Once you get inside the zoo, you have 2 options: walk around, which is the best way to see everything, or catch the shuttle bus from area to area. I recommend walk for it is only about 7km around the whole zoo.

Over the last few years they have upgraded the zoo from cages to open fields. Along the way, there are numerous ares where you can feed the animals or try on novelty ride. This will all cost you an additional fee; usually 10rmb.

Personally, I feel the main attraction is the Tiger Safari. For an additional 50rmb, you get into a converted bus, go into a rolling cage, and you can enter the tigers den and feed them chicken. This is amazing, and is a must see and do event.

All in all, I think the zoo is a must see for all families and couples.

Getting There

Address Next to Xili Lake park, Nanshan District
Chinese Address 野生动物园, 深圳市南山区西丽湖东侧
Phone 2662-2888
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA

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