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Xiangmi Hu Go Kart


Downtown Futian, the only downtown Go Kart track in Shenzhen is located in Xiangmi Hu. The track is open from early until late so it is lit for nighttime racing as well. They have 2 types of Go Karts there, both differing in quality, speed and price.

  1. Normal Go Karts cost 60rmb for 10 minutes. However, these are pretty battered in a glued-back together sot of way and 2 karts can vary widely in performance.
  2. F1 Karts are 150RMB for 15 minutes. These are scary the first time you take off because the wheels spin, power band kicks in and you are launched out of the pit lane. They require you to wear racing suits and trust me, its worth it. I saw a guy hit the tire wall and flip his Kart about 20 meters down the track.

Be prepared to sign a disclaimer here. Also, you must wear a hood and helmet. Ladies with long hair, make sure you tie it up because we don’t want you getting scalped just for a bit of fun.

Getting There

Address Xiangmi Hu, next to the Xiang Mi Hu Theme Park
Chinese Address 香蜜湖
Phone NA
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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I’ll be taking a trip to shenzhen next week and will be checking these out. I’ll come back and report when i do. Cool site, wish I had it when i was in SZ.

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