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Tankhead Fight Club began in Shenzhen, China around 3 years ago. It grew from a few dedicated guys fighting on roof tops and in parking garages to a genuine Fight School with a large devoted group of students, men and women! Many came to get in shape, many came to learn how to defend themselves, and a few came to break the dullness of their working week. Everyone came for their own reasons the first time but after that everyone came for the same reason — it was a great way to get fit and it was just really fun.

Tankhead has something to offer everyone. For those that wanted to lose weight, we developed a special program based on training camps in Thailand and all of the students saw results (from 10 kg to 26 kg!) For those that really wanted to focus on their fighting skills, we offered many different classes each week. Muay Thai kickboxing, Mixed Martials Arts and groundfighting, as well as our Close Combat Class – learning to defend against street fights, attackers, even knives. Tankhead recently also organized 2 fights in Phuket, Thailand for two of our advanced students. Both of the students won their fights against Thai fighers by Knock Outs. For the ladies, we offer a special class just for women that focuses on kickboxing and includes self defense techniques useful for all women today.

Born in Singapore but later moved to the US, Nick has been training in various martial for the last 6 years all over the world. While Muay Thai is his favorite, he is well-versed in MMA, BJJ, and others. He understands the importance of being an all-round fighter in today’s world and has also adapted his own Close Combat Fighting from many disciplines.

Getting There

Address 123 shennan Dong Lu, East block #15-16. Shenzhen
Chinese Address 深圳市罗湖区深南东路123号百货广场东座1516
Phone 13798285464 Miss Li (manager), 137-9828-5465 (English), 159-8957-3695 (Chinese)
Fax NA
Metro Station NA
Bus NA
Website NA

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Hello, What exactly to you practice , (styles) freestyle, traditional kungfu, etc. I may travel to shenzhen one day soon.


Fred B

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